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We've taken the lead in Texas precision farming! Our Hurst RTK Network covers 1.8 million acres. See if your farm is in our network!

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Hurst RTK Network Makes Farming Easier

How RTK Works

RTK provides positioning in real-time, with 1 inch pass-to-pass accuracy. Measurements and corrections are received from a base station located in the field. A cellular connection relays this information to the RTK enabled unit.

Bottomline: Ditch your base unit, you're covered by Hurst RTK.

How Hurst RTK Gives Your Operation an Advantage

Technology continues to streamline processes. And the agriculture industry is no exception. Farmers value precision because it gives them to get the most from their operation. 

Planting, spraying, and harvesting are all easier with RTK.

RTK Benefits

  • Accurate placement of fertilizer and herbicide.
  • Autosteer guidance for planting, harvesting, fertilizing, spraying, controlling traffic patterns, and more
  • Cover more acres with fewer hours of operation
  • Reduces application overlaps and skips
  • Work at night to more efficiently plant and harvest

Work on your schedule. Plant efficiently. Harvest quickly. Ditch your RTK cluster and use the Hurst RTK Network.

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Precision Ag Technology For Your Farming Operation

Precision Ag Technology For Your Farming Operation

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